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The tale of Springboard Stories

Pre-platypus - AustraliaOnce upon a time there was an anarchic, yet daring and fearless band of talented teachers, designers, editors, illustrators and storytellers. The one thing they all had in common was their passion for books and learning.

Late at night, while the wind was howling, they would talk until their throats were red raw. Their conversation lurched from subject to subject, but always with one goal in mind: to make learning fun again and to put storytelling at the heart of teaching.

Endlessly, they would discuss how wonderful this new-fangled technology was, and how it could transform children into life-long learners. But they also knew that the bug for learning had to be caught at primary school.

And that’s when the idea came. “Eureka!” one of them cried, “Let us create stories and explore them.”

Another of them cried (just as loudly), “But not in a pick-the-story-apart kind of way, but in a let’s-learn-how-this-story-came-about kind of way.”

“Let’s give teachers fresh ideas so they can once again enjoy teaching everyday subjects,” said another.

“And,” said the first, getting really into it by now, “Let’s only use the very best people, so children will be inspired by the beautiful things they see. Let’s make life-long learners out of all of the children who come into contact with us.”

So, they set to work. Morning, noon and late into the night they toiled to bring exciting new ideas and beautiful books to anyone who cares about learning.

When it was done, they held up the finished things, and watched them gleam and glimmer in the sunlight. “That,” said the quiet one who hadn’t spoken yet, “is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!”

And so they went out into the world with their wares and hoped that everyone thought the very same thing.

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