Our multicultural tale Monkey King's Party offers us some scrumptious ideas for learning with a foodie theme.


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Rachel Clarke, primary English consultant, trainer and writer, takes Monkey King’s Party and creates a raft of literacy resources for all ages.

Give your class all the tools they need to become master influencers with this excellent lesson on persuasive writing.

Children are bound to warm to Monkey King’s roguish charm – and his multi-faceted character offers lots of scope for creative discussion and drama.

Embark on a gourmet tour of the globe with your class…

The story of Monkey King’s Party centres on the peach, which is the most...

Hidden away in most of the UK’s cities – and some towns too – are city farms: small oases of countryside among houses ...

Can your class plan a party fit for a king? Put children’s number skills to the test with these food preparation and party-planning ideas from Antonia Peters.

Teacher and educational writer, Ian Addison, picks out the best tools for using ICT to re-tell stories. 

There’s nothing like visiting a country to learn its language. But the next best thing is to bring that country to you. Teacher Maggie McNulty, shows you the way.

There’s nothing that turns children on to science more than a bit of chemistry ‘magic’ – and we simply couldn’t resist these fun foodie experiments.

Food waste in the Western World is a major issue and at a time when half the world goes hungry, the idea that that we waste so much food...

Ginny Morris and Nicky Simmons, from Morris and Simmons Education help you to generate children's interest in the awe and wonder of watching things grow.

Fish and chips are one of the national dishes of the UK. During WWII they were not rationed and helped keep up morale on the home front. Learn more about this classic food.

Share the story of Monkey King’s Party and talk to the children about what it might be like to live on the beautiful Fruit ‘n’ Flower Mountain.

Performance poet Joshua Siegal gives his top hints and tips on using poetry in school.

Chinese New Year is a time of celebration when people eat, drink and make merry. You may know about the fireworks, the dragon dance and lucky money envelopes...

Debjani Chatterjee, author, poet and storyteller, tells us about the attraction of writing about the cheeky character, Monkey King.


Children’s book expert Anne Faundez picks out a tantalising selection of food-themed fiction and information books that children will simply devour.

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