Snow can be a mysterious thing to children but this fleeting weather event is packed with opportunities for learning – we start with the festive tale A Christmas Wish.


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The Christmas Wish has lots of potential for exciting literacy work. Here are some ideas for exploring The Christmas Wish, with writing ideas by class teacher Katie Gane.

Banish stage fright with these drama and performance poetry ideas from educational writer and former local authority language development adviser, Halina Boniszewska. Use them as a warm-up for your winter production or as fun, standalone activities.

Wind down to the holidays with some snowy maths problems inspired by The Christmas Wish – by maths teacher Antonia Peters.

Chris McDonald, headteacher and educational writer, combines ICT and critical thinking in this seasonal snowman story.

Snowy weather is a great way into collage work for all ages. Collect coloured scraps, then cut, tear, curl, fold, arrange and away you go.

Who knows what the weather will bring? Corrina Burge, classteacher in Birmingham, shares some ideas for outdoor play in all wintry weathers.

Challenge the children to design and make a warm, cosy house for our sleepy, sneezy Ice Giant.

Linking science to real life will allow children to ask scientific questions based on their own experiences, says class teacher Corrina Burge. ...

Over the woods, over the towns, over the empty beaches and the stormy seas, until he came to a wild place where the rocks were shaped like howling wolves...

Explore the versatility of percussion instruments to make magical winter music.

How many different versions of The Christmas Wish can you create and film in your class? Show children how to find their storytelling style and get creative.

Snow: A wish come true or a winter menace? Explore the good and bad aspects of snow, then debate the issues in a special assembly.

Introduce Captain Scott's epic voyage to the South Pole with our audio resource.

Clare Bevan, author of The Christmas Wish, tells us about daydreaming, Rhythm and Rhyme disease and the girl who inspired her first novel.


Curl up in the warm with a cool book this winter. Every reader will find something to love in this selection of seasonal, snowy titles, reviewed by children’s book expert, Anne Faundez.

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