The terrible tale of the Lambton Worm is an exciting tale set in the north of England. Packed full of gripping opportunities to learn it's hard to say who'll have more fun – you or your pupils!


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Teacher and educational writer Louise Dobson, explores the main characters in The terrible tale of the Lambton Worm through words, pictures and drama.

Literacy consultant, Maria Richards explains how to use the successful ‘Talk for Writing’ approach with The terrible tale of the Lambton Worm.

Maths teacher, Antonia Peters sets out to solve the growing problem of the Lambton Worm and shares some fun ideas linked to 2D and 3D shapes.

If the Lambton Worm were real, where would it fit into the animal kingdom? Teach children about classification and help them develop the skills of supposition and hypothesis.

Rediscover the legend of Robin Hood alongside our time-traveller, Amadeus Jones, and then get those critical thinking gears in motion.

Can we separate the history from the myth surrounding Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni?

Creating a book trailer is a great way to pique interest in books and here you'll find all the tools you need to make one for our Myths and Legends story.

Tony Wilson puts the record straight about myths and legends, and shows us some practical approaches for using them to develop creative writing in class.

There are many ways to retell stories, but there’s something about taking it outside that adds an extra dimension of excitement for both the audience and the performers.

Literacy Shed's Rob Smith takes a fresh look at our terrible tale by putting the Lambton Worm on trial. Are story villains always guilty as charged?

Poet and performer Joshua Seigal shows how poetry can be used to explore myths and legends in a dynamic and creative way.

With just a few geographical and historical investigations you could soon be creating your own myths, legends and folktales.

Collect your single socks, get your glue gun at the ready and create your very own Lambton Worm hand puppet.

The excitement and adventure you feel while immersing yourself in myths and legends just doesn’t happen in this day and age – or does it?

Poet and writer Heather Harrison started to write stories early in life and continued throughout her career as a teacher. She talks to us about her inspiration for the retelling of the Lambton Worm.


Take your class on a mythical adventure around the UK British history is rich in myths and legends, such as the Lambton Worm.

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