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Knowledge and skills

  • Reading for pleasure
  • Character, plot and setting
  • Character analysis
  • Making predictions
  • Speaking and listening
  • Drama and role-play
  • Speaking before writing
  • Group storytelling
  • Comprehension

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… lift off! Louise Dobson, teacher and educational writer, shows you how to get your topic off the ground by exploring Space Story with your class.

Space Story by Peter Dixon is a funny and fantastical tale of an ordinary primary school class with a less-than-ordinary teacher who plans a much less-than-ordinary school trip. Children will love the story’s humour, characters and adventure, and it offers an excellent starting point for a galaxy of literacy and cross-curricular activities. Stories can take you anywhere and throughout this issue we will show you just how far Space Story can take you. But let’s start at the very beginning with the best bit… sitting down and enjoying a story together.

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